Living houses benefits and drawbacks

Once you get in a big city like Durham, you will be exposed to a lot of new things which can make you change your life style. You will have to get a new apartment and getting apartment in a new city for the first time is not an easy thing to do. A comprehensive search upon available options and market rental rate of different apartments is required in order to get the right apartment for you. You have all this data and information available online on different websites which can be easily accessed all over the United States. Durham offers thousand of options for living places as well as the apartments available in these living places. You just have to select the apartment matching your requirements and then shift over there.

Although the rules of Durham are very strong regarding rights of tenants but you do not just have to trust these rules and then do stupid things regarding the law of this city. A detailed research on all these things is required including the rent rates and laws regarding lease agreement. You have to know your rights and then choose your place of living because knowing is the only thing that will save you in certain situations. Oral lease agreement is the thing that you will face while renting an apartment in the city of Durham but this does not have to be followed if you do not want to do so. Some states do not allow their citizens to rent an apartment without having a written lease agreement because oral agreements lead to different unusual situations.

An oral lease agreement does not provide proper protection to tenant because he will not have written proof of his rights decided by both parties while writing the agreement. You will not be able to live in an apartment without fearing your landlord because he will be capable of cutting down any privileges provided to you according to the oral lease agreement. He will ask you to make payment earlier than expected and decided date which may not be possible for you but you will not be able to prove your rent payment date in front of judge unless you have kept the receipts of previous rent payments with you.

A common situation that can arise in an oral lease agreement is that you will be asked to leave apartment earlier than expected. Landlord can make the demand to increase the rent payment or leave the apartment and you will be able to do nothing at all. This is because you cannot prove the time limit of your stay in that apartment under certain rent rate unless you have a proper witness accepted by court. Problems with apartment can occur which can make the repairs inevitable for example the problem with your heating or cooling system. Such a situation may force you to stay at a friend’s apartment for some time which may not be an easy thing for all people. Your landlord will not make the repairs on time unless you have a written agreement showing his responsibility to handle such things on time.

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