Advantages of Having a Quality Apartment for Living

Life in Durham is just like a dream coming true for most people and the reason behind this thing is love for music that most people share in this city. You can live in any city of Durham but the soul of music will find you and make your days as well as nights very beautiful. All you have to do is get an admission in the university or find a job over there because you will have to afford expensive life style of this city. New renters may have to face certain difficulties like finding the apartment and settling in according to the requirements of law and landlord.

Some new renters may come across people demanding them to just have an oral apartment lease agreement in Durham but the decision and choice is just theirs. They have to think thoroughly and judge their own situations while agreeing to certain terms with the land lord. There are certain things which your landlord may not know about you and they may give you an advantage over him in the oral lease agreement. You may not know exactly the advantages of landlord associated with having a lease agreement in oral form but you just have to think about your own things while making such a decision.

An oral agreement about apartment lease will require you to have a witness who can see what both parties are committing to each other. This witness should not be one of the beneficiaries of this lease agreement and he should also not have any relationship with any of the both parties in this lease agreement. A lease agreement can benefits you in certain situations like if you think that your job is new and you may not be able to continue for a long time. Losing a job between your lease agreements can make you skip on the monthly rent of few months which will not be bearable by your landlord. In normal situations you will have to leave his apartment and bear heavy penalty according to the court order. While with the oral lease agreement you will be able to leave the apartment earlier without any penalty because there will be no proof of the time limit that you have to stay in that apartment.

On the other hand some people share apartment and apartment rent with other people like friends or family members. These people face the written lease agreement and its adversaries because a divorce and fight with you friend will make the other person leave the apartment. You will have to bear the whole rent of apartment or get a new roommate but if you do not succeed in this situation then you will have to leave the apartment earlier than your agreement. Having an oral lease will also save you in this situation and the landlord will also be not able to increase your rent of apartment after some time because he will not have any written agreement over doing so after a certain time limit.

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